Hebrews | The Sisterhood Study

Hebrews | The Sisterhood Study

Lets dig into the word together and experience a powerful story of enduring faith. 

This 17 day study will take you through a journey -  challenging and encouraging you along the way. 


You will have a selected music playlist to study along to each day -  along with a closed community facebook page to talk to your sisters about how God is speaking to you through the book of Hebrews.


There will be opportunity to read the word, pray to God, and be creative as a daughter of Christ. You will have time to store scripture and enjoy rest days to allow you to catch up on your readings. 


By purchasing the study you automatically subscribe to daily devotions which will be delivered into your email for the next 17 days begining on May 7th. At the end of the Hebrews Study a full download will be available. 


I'm excited sisters...to see how God is going to bless each one of us in this beautiful time together in His word. 


Love + prayers,



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