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Face it...

Face it! I'm 37 - I need to start looking after my skin! My mum never used so much as a face cream - just plain soap and water and her skin was always perfect!

About 8 months ago I invested in a Clarisonic! It may be one of my favorite things ever. Its gentle but deep cleaning and if its paired with a good face cleanser and facial cream you will see results pretty quickly!

Its an investment - but if you're consistent its so worth it!

I've attached the link for my Clarisonic above.

Then the search was on to find a good cleanser and cream! Everyones skin is different of course - but I haven't spoken to anyone that the Kiehls ultra cleanser and cream didn't work for. These winter months my skin is so dry and the Kiehls products have hydrated my skin beyond belief. I'm usually a mess at sticking to a skin care routine - but I committed and have been consistent with this and its really been worth it! Who doesnt want that glowing skin?

I spotted this really cool little starter pack if you want to just give it a go first!

I remember ladies in my life telling me to look after my skin while I was growing up! My Auntie used to talk so much about eyes and looking them with a good eye cream - I haven't quite got that under control yet! Do you use a different routing that works really well for you? What are your thoughts on the Clarisonic? I'd love to hear from you!!

Lily x

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