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Nook - a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security!

I once said I loved to 'rest in my husbands nook' - that phrase definitely came back to haunt me over the years! (in a good way!).I love that little corner of my home, that I can rest up, retreat with coffee and a good book - scented with my favorite candle - known as 'The Nook'.

This is a space of security and recess - of sharing and community. I'm a Northern Ireland born New Yorker. I live a busy life in this city that never stops - I love all things good and documenting them - good coffee, good friendships, good memories.

I enjoy things that give great aesthetic pleasure - I'm lucky to live in a loft just North of NYC - and I love decorating and making it somewhere beautiful to just be!

Life is beautiful - even when it feels like its falling - I hope you stay around and get to know me, some of my favorite people and lots of my favorite things!

Lily x

The Nook


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