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...and then I don't feel so bad!

When I was little I could sing all the songs from the Sound of Music with Julie Andrews forwards and backwards. I'd watch it on VHS - rewind - watch again - annnnnnnd - repeat (for hours)!

Over the years 'My favorite things' have definitely changed. When I was 5, watching musicals was one of my favorite things to do. When I was 15, painting my nails and lips black and finding the cutest 'Kickers' for my feet were pretty much top of my list. (search Kickers if you're not from the UK-they were cool!)

Now, my favorite things are finding time for a good cup of coffee with a friend, time to read a book, or randomly a good trip to Whole Foods or Traders. I spend way to much time looking through Instagram stories - this is definitely a favorite pastime. I want my thoughts through this blog to be like that feeling when you've just met a friend at a coffee shop and you're on top of the world! (and solved all of its problems!)

There are some days when a few of your favorite things make a bad day better - almost like the song - 'I simply remember my favorite things.......and then I don't feel so bad'.

Each month I'm going to share some of my favorite things. I realize these are 'things' - material nonsense - but they help on a snowy winter evening or just when you need something for yourself! I love to share, and I'd imagine these favorite things will be no surprise to those of you who know me. I've attached links to most things so you too can enjoy these favorites.



Aspen Bay Jar Volcano Candle, 19 Ounce, Capri Blue

My home smells of this scent! Its fresh - and fruity - and I love it! Our ceilings are 20ft and this scent permeates our entire space. I was forever wasting money on candles that would burn out in a few days and not really smell that good - these are soy based candles that they last forever. The jars are all gorgeous and glow so beautifully!



I'm horrible with plants - horrible! They all die - I've even managed to drown air plants and I think thats pretty much impossible. Which is why I'm particularly proud of this January favorite. I've seen pictures of these guys fully grown and they are so cool for your home or work space. So when visiting our besties in Troy, New York over Thanksgiving, we popped into the River Garden Studio.

Its like walking into a hipster oasis of plants! I took the challenge of purchasing a baby String of Hearts, rather than the voluptuous fully grown one neighboring it on the shelf! AND to my utmost surprise this picture above shows where we are right now - its growing and healthy and I'm amazed! Its become something I love to look at and get excited as it grows! Pray I don't kill it!



R.C. Essential Oil by Young Livingston Oils

I've been diffusing essential oils for around 2 years. Enjoying the smells and thinking that the lavender calms me, or the Young Living Stress away actually works. Then.... R.C. enters!! I had a cold at the beginning of January and went to my local Health store where I buy my YL oils -( another customer who was obviously a lot more educated in oils than I (and indeed the staff in the store), told me to get R.C. - rub it on the soles of my feet before sleeping and my cold would be gone the next day!

I didn't believe her but was desperate to feel better so I gave this pricey bad boy a go! Well my cold was gone - THE NEXT DAY! Its excellent - if you rub a few drops on the back of your neck and behind your ears to get a burst of energy in the morning or in the afternoon when you need a pick me up - it works - this is why I've continued to buy this oil. The energy burst is real!! I'm just sad I haven't had this sooner! I could not recommend this enough!!! Its my absolute favorite! The scent is strong - it's a blend of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus oils but it works and has been my January BFF! Why Young Living? my dear friend who is DOterra loyal asks me regularly - (thats another blog post!).



Nespresso Touch Travel Mug

Coffee is my friend - Good coffee is one of my favorites! I have multiple coffee gadgets in my apartment! One of my loyal-go-to-never failing favs is the Nespresso Latissimi Plus!

I've had my eye on this pretty little travel mug for a while! If you're like me and the Queen of leaving things behind you, you'll understand why I've held off on purchasing this. There was 30% off in Nespresso the day I went to the store, so I couldn't resist!! Its lovely - keeps the coffee warm and looks really nice and sparkly in stainless steel! This was definitely a little treat for myself splurge... and I'm glad I did!

Nespresso Latissima Plus Machine



Anthropologie is my Heaven on earth! I can get lost for hours in the sale corner or any corner of that store as a matter of fact.

I've saved the best for last because this mug and these coasters have become my favorite thing ever!! My husband makes the coffee every morning and always saves himself by asking which mug I want!? Is anyone else super picky about which mug they have their coffee in?? We have A LOT of mugs for 2 people living together - but I can't help it!! Anthro has so many gorgeous mugs - and this one was a gift for my birthday! I LOVE IT - its been my January mug!!

You can't see in this picture just how gorgeous the Geode coasters are - in real life - they're stunners! I've four in different colors and shapes and I'm so glad I invested in these. I've had so many compliments about these sparkly little coasters and they're perfect for setting a candle on or just your coffee cup! They're absolutely beautiful!

(tease - you can click on the picture above to purchase the coasters from Anthro!! Apologies in advance - some of these things are hard to say no to!! )

I hope you've loved a few of my favorite things and got to know me a little more! Please let me know what you loved from my fav 5 - let me know if you have any of these treasures - and most importantly let me know if you manage to snag some of them for yourself!!

Lily x

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