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So…..friendships – what would we do without them? Someone to love, to treat, be there for… hold accountable? I am so lucky to have so many people…. some real close….and from moving from my roots to NY - lots of picking up where we left of friends. (which sometimes is just the best!)

I love deeply… maybe too much at times….maybe annoyingly……but its real! I love friendships…chatting…venting….entertaining…coffee dates….and I could go on and on. I know that I pour all of myself into a friendship – because that’s what you do – you love someone – you be there when they need it – you love when they need it – you step away when they need it (I'm learning to step away - thats hard for me!)

I definitely learned this deep friendship love from my mum…. its excessive and consuming….but its being there for each other – dropping whatever to help someone close.

I think growing up in Northern Ireland, we were always so closely knit….it was engrained in us how to love and be a good friend. My best friend and I did everything together….every minute of every day. We’d travel to school together (when we went), then come home and talk to each other for hours and hours on the phone…. I’ve no idea what about. (Sue – do you remember the night we were on the phone and I stuck my finger in the light with no bulb and switched it on? That didn't end well!) We were committed to each other, loyal to each other and we were fancy free to spend every blesséd minute together. People knew we where two – Lily and Sue…. the best!!! I’m so thankful for Sue – for our friendship and for the hilarious (and not so hilarious times) we had together!

I’m lucky….to be surrounded by really good friendships! Life is busy – but the best friends are the ones that you just pick up where you’ve left off! As I get older, I realize how important these friendships are, and how much we need them!

Recently I heard someone preaching about ‘One-anothering’ each other! How cool is that…. to look after, love, to one-another!

Proverbs 27:17 [ Your Face Mirrors Your Heart ] You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another. I love this…this is exactly how we should be with our friendships and relationships:. Look out for each other….hold each other up….. love each other…..Sharpen each other!

Friendship is beautiful. I truly believe its a gift from God. He knew we would need each other to get through this life.

I read a friendship challenge and thought I’d share it with you guys! I thought it was beautiful and it really spoke to me! Think about a friend you can make an investment in.Not the friend with whom you feel most comfortable. But rather one who might benefit from seeing a little more of your tenderness, transparency, and authenticity. Someone who might be worth a risk.

Might we take three steps and give ourselves a friendship challenge? Here are three things you can do to invest in a friend:

1) Have a conversation with her in which you honestly admit one of your vulnerabilities. Chances are she’ll reveal something to you as well. Then really commit to pray for her. Maybe wear a watch or bracelet and every time you’re distracted by it, use this as a prompt to carry her burden in your prayers.

2) Buy or make this friend a gift. Just because. It doesn’t have to cost much. But make an investment of time to think of something that would personally delight her.

3) Write your friend a note to attach to the gift. In the letter, tell her at least three things you admire about her and some way she’s made a difference in your life.

Then deliver this little “just because” gift and note to your friend. This friend who sometimes feels a little vulnerable. Wounded. Exposed in some way.

Lets one-another with honesty and love.

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