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Be A Doer

Do and Don't! Words that none of use really want to hear. We (I) hate went someone says - ' DON'T do it like that', 'DON'T you think this would be better?', 'DON'T wear your hair like that!' and equally 'DO it this way..' 'DO it my way...' or just 'DO it!!'

For me, I want to be a DOER in faith and in action. I want my eyes and heart open to other peoples dos and don'ts so I can grow! I want to be a woman of action - leading with my ears - tuned into what is going on around me and tuned into what God is telling me to DO!

I want to be a DOER!


James 1 - The Message - Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue, and let anger straggle along the rear.

God's grace and righteousness doesn't grow from our anger. Listen - speak - and BE NICE! I come from a line of Irish red-heads, so I'm naturally quick to speak and slow to listen. (unfortunate!) I think I'm getting better at not finishing peoples thoughts before its out of their mouths themselves, or at making my angry point and not listening to any others around me. Interrupting is a bad habit of mine, its not intentional at all - I think I get so engrossed in the conversations I burst before the person has finished their thought - or I'm so scared of forgetting what I'm going to say - I just interrupt and say it! (I'm sorry!)

What about if we stop interrupting (especially if it's in anger). Stop trying to do a thousand things at once and start leading with our ears. Start looking people in the eye and start letting people finish their thoughts!

Listen. Lead with our ears. Watch.


Romans 5:20 When its SIN verses GRACE - GRACE wins hands down.

I can't go to bed angry. 9 out of 10 times I will resolve a dispute with my Craiggers before either of us go to sleep!! (much to his annoyance!) I can't let things fester....grow....develop into something bigger than it started! For me this is an easy DON'T. But for some of us - the silence and stubborn minds rule - we cause division and hurt - and usually the next morning (or indeed the next week/month) we peel away a great festered wound.

If you need to work on this DON'T - then try too.

In Ephesians it says it better:

Go ahead and be angry. You do well to be angry-but don't use your anger as fuel for revenge. And don't stay angry. Don't go to bed angry. Don't give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life.

B E - A - D O E R

When we hear God speaking to us and we don't act - we are like someone who looks in the mirror at their blemishes and all they dislike - and yet do nothing about it. - the message.

How many times this year have I proudly and loudly stated that I'm starting Yoga.....TONIGHT! I'm pretty sure since Christmas - I've said it every other day - quite confidently! I'd love to drop a few pounds and get into a good exercise routine - I'd love to fit into my size 8 Diesel jeans that I've kept since I was 18!! (that's a big love - ha!) - I'd love to not care about how I look - but I do all these things - we all do! I'm never going to fit into those jeans if I don't do something about it!

Those blemishes and desires don't matter in God's eyes - he doesn't care how much you want to weigh, how many times you have to apply foundation to get rid of that hole in your face - he can use you how you are - just how you are!

God speaks clearly! Sometimes its WAM BAM in your face, and other times we have to go through some time of waiting to really hear what he has to say to us (I dislike waiting!!). Bottom line is - if we hear God speaking to us clearly and we slap a big DON'T in the way - we aren't going to feel fulfilled according to His plan for us.

In my journey, I've listened clearer, I've looked God in the eye and asked Him for the Do's and Don'ts that HE wants for my life. Those two words don't have to be words that we dislike or dread hearing.

His way is always best - His DO'S are always good - and His DON'TS are always better for us!


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