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I started this venture out by saying that a person should bring their whole self to the table if they really want to share their personality, sense of humor, and most importantly, their heart! 'This is me' will let you in a little and get to know all these elements that make up me. I by no means have anything really together - but there are things along the way that help me each day to feel more secure, to feel needed, and to feel like I can simply be me! 'This is me' is only the beginning of a series of blogs that introduce you to me and my life - it will also be a space for other guest writers to share their own 'This is me'.

Here he is…. my bestie forever!

This is my Craig, Craiggers…. or otherwise affectionately known as 'my pet'! (I know thats weird for my fellow Americans, but believe me its very Irish… and acceptable - and some of you have taken this endearing phrase for yourselves!!!) This guy is my everything, (I’m gonna gush on him for a bit)

He truly is my rock, my encourager, my verbal slap in the face when I need it :)!

A few months ago, I did a 30 day Husband Encouragement Challenge…each day brought a new scripture and a new challenge sharing how to encourage and treat your husband!! I guess, this should all come so naturally… but in the busyness of life…..we all get carried away and possibly forget the little things. It was a real eye opener for me…I really enjoyed journalling about it and even though I shouldn’t and don’t need a reminder to love on him…. a different perspective each day was refreshing!! (Please let me know if you take this challenge and how it was an eye opener for you.)

'Craig is a Saint!' - I've heard many many times from many different people! He looks after me, our pups and our apartment spectacularly! The running joke is he runs around the place attached with the swifer stuck in his armpit! He's a good man - and I'm thankful!

Proverbs 31:11-12

The heart of her husband safely trusts her, so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life!

My love for feathers is a real special one…. If I spot anything with feathers on it… I get it (or someone gets it for me!). Our apartment has a lot of wall hangings and trinkets with feathers - here's why..

91:4-He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Who couldn’t find comfort in those words??

My mum!! Her smell, her style, her smile, her beauty..even her 5-6 phone calls a day… (I’d give ANYTHING for one of those phone calls!) My sweet mum lost her battle to breast cancer 5 years ago…I honestly can’t put into words how thats affected me!

Living far from ‘home’ has its challenges on birthdays, at Christmas or anniversaries….there is nowhere close-by to lay flowers and visit, or no real memories of any length of time spent in place.

When she was ill… her faith boomed like none other. She would find incredible comfort in the Psalms and would read Psalm 91 every day, if you happened to cross her path, she’d read it to you too… many many times over the phone or FaceTime, she read it to me!

My dad told me stories of her sharing this scripture with other cancer patients having chemo and with the nurses at the hospitals! (I just love this!!)

So feathers….. One day I was particularly down, upset and missing her, I looked at my foot and there it was, a beautiful white feather! It was such a comfort to me right at that moment…. and now I have collected a box of feathers – some might say - 'yea, you live by the Hudson - there are birds all over the place' but I believe these are whisps of love from above, little reminders of her gentle heart.

Lily x

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