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I love to shop - I love the choices - I love the community.

It's a little odd to use the word 'community' when I'm blabbering about shopping, but I think it's this wonderfully odd place where everyone comes together browsing some of the loveliest items and generally feeling a whole lot better about the world.(I guess with the exception of Black Friday) -

I'd be interested to hear if you guys have the same feeling - or if shopping is an anxious headache for you?

I find it hard to decide - so I'm that gal, who LOADS up the cart in Target and manages to set it all back before I reach the check-out (who am I Target the purchases usually reach the check-out, its Home Goods I'm dropping them off as quick as I pick them up!)

So for you indecisive ladies - I've picked one of my favorite shops and selected 6 of my favorite items for you to enjoy gazing over.

Francesca's® is a little boutique of lots of lovely things, not just clothes - but quirky little gifts and accessories too. They only carry a few of each item, so everything you find is uniquely yours. You can kiss seeing your outfit twin at the party goodbye! Happy shopping!

(Click the link above and enter the product if you love anything you see!)

1. Tasha Polka Dot Surplus Top

I think the 'floaty little light top' is so in at the minute - and so cute!

I love Polka Dots and I rarely wear any other color than navy - so this little number won me over right away!!

2. Noelle Cubic Zirconia Layered Necklace - $20

Ooohhhh! The layered necklace!

I'm a big fan of layering necklaces. This new design is everywhere and sits perfectly because its made that way. Sometimes when I've tried to layer my necklaces it ends in a tangle of disaster. This is designed to sit properly so you won't get into that panic of all your little necklace layers becoming one!! (Surely that hasn't just happened to me?)

3. Penelope Crystal Hair Clips - $14

I'm a sucker for sparkle!

These were too pretty to not snag these for myself - I love to curl my hair a lot and thought these would be the perfect accessory. (Craig just bought me the Beachwaver for Christmas and it's incredible!)

You get 8 of these in a packet - so theres room to loose them if you're like me!!

4. Penelope Faux Suede Ankle Boot - $54

Is the cute ankle boot ever going to go out of style?

5. Hexagon Marble Wood Coasters - $20

I love the trend of marble and wood mixed together for all things boards and coasters right now!!

6. Peony Blush Scented Candle - $20

Honestly - peonies are my favorite - in every way! This is soooooo good and so crazy reasonable! I've kept the jar as a little trinket box for jewelry - (you know, all those necklaces that need to merge into one!)

Click here to learn how to reuse your empty candles jars for something cute.

Sponsored by Francescas®

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