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Mugs - Coffee - Jesus - Sisters

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Time with the Lord is special. I create my own environment that is peaceful, calm and I'm ready to receive. Music is on, coffee is made and the scriptures are open.

I am a huge fan of She reads truth, I've received so much from their studies and the women of God who write them. I love the sisters aspect of this, written for women to be read by women and to encourage women!

One day back in November I read a verse in Proverbs about 'Iron sharping iron, so a friend should sharpen a friend'. I changed it in my mind to ‘so a sister so sharpen a sister'. I thought about the ever growing amount of women in my life, both far and near. The ones who encourage me, who pour love deeply on me, who correct me - even the ones that I find it difficult to love (it's ok to struggle with personalities). I prayed for about 4 women that day who do exactly that in my life, encourage, love, and correct. It became a thing - the next day 4 different women, and the next 4 others. I thought about sending a little gift to all these women to share what I was lead to pray for, but instead I thought - what would happen if they all prayed for each other, if these women in my life (some of them not knowing each other) prayed for each other. The connection is me, they all know me - but this could explode if they loved on each other and shared with each other. So I prayed for them all at once and asked God to help me decide how to reach out to everyone. This next part of the story sounds a little far fetched but its real. I had a dream, I dreamt everyone connected in prayer all across the world, I dreamt women shared small gifts with each other, I dreamt of a living and breathing 'Sisterhood'.

The next morning I woke up ready to connect with a feeling of excitement to see the responses from my sisters. I wrote a list of women would had made contact with me that week, whether it was a text or email, Facebook or instagram. I thought about a Christmas Mug Exchange. Its was Christmas, we were all drinking hot chocolate or coffee non-stop at this busy time of the year, and just how lovely it would be at the end of a super busy day - to come home to little give and word of encouragement on your doorstep - and in return be able to do that for someone else! The 'Mug Exchange' was born and I was so excited to see what God had in store for this! I prayed over the names - paired them up - wrote to all 20 ladies in a group chat so no one could really back out - (a little sneaky) - and sat back to watch. How easy is it to remember to pray for a sister when you are drinking coffee from a mug that was sent to you and specifically handed picked for you!

Over the next few days and weeks leading up to Christmas and even after, everyone shared pictures of their gifts in our group - it was a blessing to see these gifts arrived whenever they were most needed - at the end of a busy day, during a horrible situation, feeling down... whatever it was, everyone saw the love in this exchange and I knew that God had blessed this!

My mind couldn't sit still and I firmly believe God doesn't sit still within me either, so this wasn't enough. Even though 20 woman had been blessed, praying for others and some finding new friendships across the world, I dreamt it could be bigger and wilder. I really believe this is where 'The Sisterhood' has begun. I'd so many encouraging messages about the Christmas Mug Exchange or my new 'Mug Ministry' (as one of my beautiful friends likes to call it!).

I'm certain this is how 'The Nook' has happened, because I found out that encouraging sisters in faith was a real blessing to me. Sharing my real struggles and heartaches has been inspiring and authentic for others to read, albeit a little blethery! In the space of 3 weeks, there are 72 beautiful hearts interested and signed up for 'The Sisterhood'.

On March 10th, 'The Sisterhood' will hold its first gathering, in my nook! Everyone is invited for brunch and a beautiful workshop on Bible Journalling. If you are looking for a beautiful Saturday morning to be creative for yourself or some ladies at your church, filled with fellowship - Brunchy goodness - copious amounts of coffee and Jesus - then SHOW UP!

Join 'The Sisterhood' - get all the ladies you know to join too, and lets make this thing wild for Jesus!

Click the link below to purchase tickets!

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