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The Sisterhood Spring Gift Exchange

The Pairing + Gifting program is now growing every single day. We have Sisters all over the world looking paired together, from Australia to Spain, Estonia to Canada, India to America. God certainly doesn't want this movement contained!! I've felt that right from the very start - and it scares the life out of me!

'Set a fire down in my soul...that I can't contain and I can't control...'

Just to give you a little background - in December, I thought it would be nice for 20 women around me to share and gift on each other with a simple mug...these 20 ladies are the original 'Mug sisters'. I had many dreams and heard God speaking to me clearly about women and the need for a community that is honest, real and safe. NEVER in my wildest imagination did I think this movement would grow to 2.4k members in a month, with over 700 gifting each other across the world. And growing...

This is GOD!!

'And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands.'

2 John 1:6

It's nothing to do with me, Lily - because I couldn't even imagine this!!

Its overwhelming in a wonderful way. To see pictures of women sharing love in new friendships because I prayed over their names and paired them up is one of the sweetest things ever. I have heard God speaking to me with every movement that I have made in the last month - on the train...walking to the grocery the car...sitting still. He's been completely surrounding me.

God has been my biggest cheerleader and the heartbeat of

The Sisterhood.

I have felt His presence closer than ever - directing me - guiding me - leading me - calling me. I'm pinching myself wondering where The Sisterhood may go for all of us. Its beautiful to sit back and watch. Whenever someone requests to be paired, usually it takes about a week before hearing about who the pairing sister is - sometimes longer depending on the length of the list! One Sunday morning I woke up to 426 messages in my inbox!!! I like to send out pairings at weekends, when I have some free time from my busy week to concentrate on it, and pray deeply over each name.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25

Its worth the wait, having someone love and encourage you with little gifts and notes throughout the year is just beautiful.

You pour gifting and love on a sister while someone else does the same for you!

I'm so excited about the Spring Exchange. We have had a wonderful relationship with Inka from 139made and are so happy to collaborate to help all sisters purchase a gift for their paired sister.

You can go directly to the website and select any product you wish - there are a wide range of beautiful products, all with meaning and all with purpose.

Be sure to use coupon code: Sisterhood20

139Made stands together with abolitionists around the world who fight against human trafficking and exploitation. Every three months, they feature an anti human-trafficking organization on the blog to raise awareness about the issue and to rally behind them. Until MAY 21, they are featuring Blazing Hope Ranch.

Their mission is to restore wholeness to female survivors of human trafficking and weaken the sex trade through the power of Christ.

The Sisterhood through the Gifting + Pairing Program gets to support this!!!

I am holding my breath as I follow the gentle wind of God's breath as he directs me in the leading of The Sisterhood - I'm so thankful for each sister and can't wait to see what is going to's going to be wild!

Photographer: Lili Ditmer

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