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“Why is she charging now?”

I know for a fact that this has been a huge concern of Lily’s - when and how to properly begin to charge money for any of the Sisterhood participation.

Concerns about how people would feel, if people would suddenly disappear now that not everything is free…

This is an awkward stage in the building of the Sisterhood community. Lily has been hesitant to do so, but with the support of the Sisterhood team, she took the leap. If you’re wondering why, I’m here to clarify. I offered to take on the subject in a guest post, because I think it will be helpful for you to see it from an outsider with an inside perspective.

To start off, Lily is not here to make money. While the upkeep of the Sisterhood is basically a second full time job, an income isn’t the goal. She’s just looking for the ends to meet. The events are self explanatory - it’s obvious why she has to charge for those things. Food, supplies, etc. - none of that is free. But there are so many other factors to consider outside of those events. This has not come free for Lily. And the bigger it is, the more she brings to the Sisterhood community, the less “free” options there are. There is a financial aspect behind all of this. If she could, I’m sure that she’d never charge a penny, but that’s unfortunately not an option. The Sisterhood is a community. Communities support. Lily developed a team of women to help with some aspects of the behind the scenes - The Sisterhood Team (someone referred to us as that, and it totally stuck!)

You’ve seen us around… Facebook approvals, live streams, responses to inquiries, etc.! We’ve been there to take the load off of Lily a bit. You know, just to help her be able to get some sleep! We are doing what we can, but sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes that financial burden is too much.

I would be missing a huge opportunity if I let this post go by without also mentioning how invested Lily is in this, and right now I don’t mean in a financial sense. Lily works a full time job. She commutes, she teaches, she serves - and that’s all separate from the Sisterhood. But still, she is in this, 100%.

Even when she’s silent.

Before I leave you, I have to share something so exciting. This blog post was planned a few weeks ago when the subject came up. I offered to do it and I’ve been gathering my thoughts. I think Lily was ready and waiting for possible backlash at the cost. BUT GUESS WHAT. Within just a few hours of posting it, the May study had been purchased THIRTY. FIVE. TIMES! And not one negative response. When I texted Lily to get an updated figure, I actually thought she was messing with me! “I cannot keep up!” she said. She is constantly blown away by the growth of this community. So I just want to say…THANK YOU.

Thank you for having faith in Lily and in the Sisterhood. Thank you for investing in this community. Every dollar is being used to better it and spread the Word of God to women literally EVERYWHERE. (No for real, have you seen?!)

THANK YOU for being a part of it.

Proverbs 27:17

An iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Photography: Lili Ditmer

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